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Nikolay Pointe Shoes

New in 2019 - Nikolay Grishko, founder and owner of the world-famous Grishko Group, has re-branded his U.S. product line to Nikolay. While it's a new name, these are the exact same products made in the exact same Russian factories that have been producing them for over 30 years.

Grishko (Made in Russia) Maya Pointe Shoes are now named Nikolay Maya Pointe Shoes. Aside from the brand name change these are the exact same shoes.

The Grishko (Made in Russia) 2007 Pointe Shoe line, including 2007, Pro 2007, and Pro Flex, are now named Nikolay 3007, Pro 3007, and 3007 Pro Flex. Aside from the brand name change, these shoes maintain all the exact same features, with the addition of a new suede anti-slip enhancement in the heel area.

If you have been wearing Grishko Pointe Shoes, you can rest assured that these will look, fit, and perform exactly the same as you are used to, as they are made by the same cobblers in the same factories that you have received shoes from in the past. The name has changed, but the quality remains the same!

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