Nikolay 3007 Pointe Shoes - Medium Shank

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The Nikolay 3007 Pointe Shoes feature a U-shaped medium vamp with drawstring, medium platform, and slightly tapered box. They provide strong support for advanced en-pointe elements with easy roll-up to en-pointe position, perfect for fine movements.

This is the exact same shoe as its predecessor the Grishko 2007, with the addition of a new suede anti-slip enhancement in the heel area.

Pro 3007 is built on the 2007 last, which was developed with consideration of the anatomic features of a medium width foot with a medium arch with medium or long toes. This unique construction satisfies 90% of ballerinas, and most Nikolay pointe shoe models are based on the 2007 last.

Nikolay's 3007 line of pointe shoes are their globally best-selling models. They are distinguished by their perfect balance and placement, outstanding durability, lack of noise, and perfect comfort. They are extra light, made with a suede machine-stitched sole that provides an easy transition from demi-pointe to pointe and back.

Product features include:
• Anti-slip heel counter molds to the foot and prevents slippage.
• Flat and stable medium platform, balanced by hand.
• Adaptive eco-dextrin box.
• Smart paste recalls and assumes the shape of the foot after initial first use.

SKU: NIK-3007

Available Sizes

The Nikolay 3007 Pointe Shoes are available in Sizes 1-8, Widths of 1X-5X, and 3 different Shanks.

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Alexis (Dana Point, US)
Authentic and an authorized retailer

I found my way here after seeing the long, long 10+ week backorder notification on Discount Dance for these pointe shoes I needed. I found this website on my own accord and double checked it through the nikolay-world website, as I know about the whole drama surrounding Grishko and the need to purchase from Nikolay specifically. Normally I would've just purchased the shoes from their website, but they aren't taking anymore NA orders. I found this website on their authorized retailers list and only found one actual review online, so I was nervous dropping $100 -- however, everything came pretty quick and I was surprised.I highly recommend ordering from here if you're in need of pointe shoes or anything they offer. I look forward to being a regular customer as long as my 3007's are sold out everywhere local to me. I hope this helps anyone unsure of purchasing from this website. I'm happy to positively review this single location shop in MD.