Join the club! With our Reward Pointes program, earn "Pointes" towards discounts and other promotions.

How do I earn Pointes?

To earn reward Pointes, you first need to have an account on our store. Please login or create an account.

Once you're all set up, you'll automatically earn Pointes by placing orders, following us online, submitting product reviews, and referring friends.

Ways to Earn Pointes
Sign Up - 200 Pointes
Place an Order - 5 Pointes for every $1 spent
Follow on Instagram - 50 Pointes
Like on Facebook - 50 Pointes
Write a Product Review - 200 Pointes*
Celebrate a Birthday - 500 Pointes

* Maximum of 3 Reviews per 30 days.

How do I spend Pointes?

You can spend your Pointes by redeeming them for coupons. Click the "Spend Your Pointes" button in the Rewards panel to choose how many you'd like to redeem. Please make sure you are logged in first!

Ways to Redeem Pointes
Silver Award - $10 Coupon* (1250 Pointes)
Gold Award - $25 Coupon* (2500 Pointes)
High Gold Award - $50 Coupon* (4000 Pointes)
Platinum Award - $100 Coupon* (7000 Pointes)

* Coupon must be applied in full to a single order. May not be combined with other discounts.

How can I see the number of Pointes I've earned?

To see your earned Pointes, first login to your account. You can view your balance by clicking on the Rewards button at the bottom right of our website.

How long do my Pointes last?

As long as you either earn or redeem Pointes at least every 12 months, your Pointes will never expire.

I am a regular customer. Any additional benefits?

Yes! For our regular customers, we offer two additional "VIP" Levels which allow you to earn Pointes even faster!

VIP Levels
Bravo Level - achieved just by signing up. Earn 5 Pointes for every $1 spent, and receive a 500 Pointe bonus on your birthday!
Encore Level - achieved when reaching 3,000 Pointes. Earn 6 Pointes for every $1 spent, and receive a 750 Pointe bonus on your birthday!
Prima Level - achieved when reaching 9,000 Pointes. Earn 7 Pointes for every $1 spent, and receive a 1000 Pointe bonus on your birthday!

How long does the VIP Program last?

As soon as you reach a VIP Level, you'll remain in it for the rest of the calendar year, as well as the following year. During the 2nd year, if you earn enough Pointes to remain in the program, you'll again stay there for the following year, and so on.

Please note that our Reward Pointes program terms and conditions may change from time to time without notice.