Suffolk Sonnet Pointe Shoes - Hard Shank


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By Suffolk

Size Guide

The Suffolk Sonnet is poetry in motion. This lower profile turn shoe has a strong toe box and wing coupled with Suffolk's patented design to help the dancer achieve proper placement and stand firmly over the platform.

The elegant line of the shoe follows the shape of the modern dancer's foot and allows her to fully articulate while being fully supported.

The Sonnet features Suffolk's dramatic heel curve for a sleek silhouette that hugs a lower profile foot, and the signature Suffolk vamp finishes off the line.

The Sonnet pointe shoes are available in two shank options:
• Standard - 2 mm board
• Hard - 2.5 mm board


Available Sizes

The Suffolk Sonnet Pointe Shoes are available in Sizes 3-7.5 in Widths N, XN, X, XXN, XX, XXXN, XXX, and XXXXN. Size 8 is additionally available in Widths N, X, XX, and XXX only. Sonnet is offered in two Shank options - Standard and Hard.

Suggested Fit

Fitting suggestion is U.S. Street Size minus two sizes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Anonymous (Wichita Falls, US)
Pretty good

I have compressible Greek feet, and even though I have to use a ton of padding to combat pain, this is a good shoe. The standard shank is nice and flexible (which is what my not-so-archy feet need) and I like the lower vamp. The Stellars were great, great shank, great lifespan, but too square for me and the vamp might've been a little too high for me. I don't love them, but at the moment, I am making them work for me. Hope this can help someone!

Lori Peixoto (Woodstock, CA)
Staying with Suffolk

My daughter really wanted to love this model. The shank is similar to that of the Spotlight, and the sturdiness of the box is similar to the Stellar. The box is too tapered for my daughter's feet, and it seems as though she's popping out of the shoe. She's happy to have tried it, and will gladly go back to the Stellar. The quality of Suffolk pointe shoes is unmatched. They're beautiful.

Great product

I loved the variety of sizes I loved the variety of sizes available. They arrived promptly. My daughter's foot had changed so we ended up needing to return them and go with a different shoe and the return process was so easy!

Deb Schene (Carmel, US)
Suffolk Sonnet Pointe Shoes

My daughter adores her sonnets, but she has discovered, over time, that there is a difference in the quality of individual lots/"makers". Sometimes the shoes come with excess fabric on the box or the box is uneven. Other times the shank is "broken" in too low. This issue results in ill-fitting shoes and I'm left paying excess shipping charges for returns and replacements, which raises our overall pointe shoe expense. There seems be a lack of consistency and a need to implement a quality control process.

Emily Schoenig (Irvine, US)

My daughter absolutely loves this new style! We are so pleased to be able to easily order them online. Thank you!