Suffolk Solo Pointe Shoes - Standard Shank


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By Suffolk

Size Guide

The Suffolk Solo is the original offering from Suffolk and is still considered to be one of the finest pointe shoes in the world.

The shoe has a medium profile and aligns the foot and assists the dancer to go en pointe in the proper placement.

The wing is comfortable yet supportive, and the strong, stable box has a lower vamp in the perfect U shape.

The elegant line of the shoe and slight taper of the box allows the shoe to mold perfectly to the dancer's foot.

The Suffolk Solo pointe shoes are available in three shank options:
• Standard - 2 mm board.
• Light - more flexible and has lighter paste on the bottom of the foot.
• Hard - 2.5mm board.


Available Sizes

The Suffolk Solo Pointe Shoes are available in Sizes 3-7.5 in Widths N, XN, X, XXN, XX, XXXN, XXX, and XXXXN. Sizes 3-6.5 are additionally available in Width XXXX in Standard and Light Shanks only. Also note that Size 8 is available in Widths N, X, XX, and XXX only.

Suggested Fit

Fitting suggestion is U.S. Street Size minus two and a half sizes.

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (New Orleans, US)
Suffolk Solo

I have been ordering from DanceSupplies for years and they never fail to let me down on their quality, customer service, and quick delivery! While these shoes were not quite right for my feet, as I have short toes and I believe the vamp to be slightly too long for me, I will continue to try other styles of Suffolk pointe shoes from DanceSupplies.

Anonymous (Sandrigo, IT)
Suffolk Solo Hard

Very comfortable - no pain during or after the lessons. No blisters or wear damage to the foot. Very durable (4 months for a student with 1:30hr lessons 3 times a week, with a strong foot and high arch, they last about 4 months)so they are worth their cost. Short breaking-in period for the hard shank.