Suffolk Elastic

By Suffolk


Suffolk Elastic is a premium woven elastic made from dense interlocking threads that produce a high quality look and feel.

Unlike other types, woven elastic can be identified by the crosswise and parallel ribs that create a windowpane effect. It does not narrow and cannot be seen through when stretched. Further, it is easily stitched without affecting its integrity. Woven elastic also resists curling, and is the softest elastic made.

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Available Sizes

Measures 1 Inch Wide and 18 Inches in Length, enough for one pair of pointe shoes worn in a single strap style. Customers that prefer to criss-cross their elastics should order two of this item per pair of shoes.

Customer Reviews

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Keira Irwin (Colorado Springs, US)
Suffolk Elastic

I love the elastic, however it is sort of thick

Sarah (Logan, US)
Suffolk Elastic

LOVE this elastic! I use two crossed elastics for my pointe shoes, and usually fight with elastics and feel like they don't hold my shoes up. These elastics have fixed this problem for me. They are more wide than all other elastics I have used which is nice. They aren't too stretchy, or too stiff. They are a more pale color, so they don't quite match my Mirella shoes, but my ribbons hide them anyway so you wouldn't ever notice.

Maddie (New York, US)

This smooth elastic matches perfectly with Suffolk Pointe Shoes!