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Welcome to So Danca's Elektra Tech, where tradition meets technology. After 200 years of tradition, So Danca marries aesthetics with engineering, with two new pointe shoe models - Alegria and Joy II.

Alegria is designed for the Greek or Egyptian shaped foot with average or shorter toes, and its lower vamp allows dancers with short toes the ability to roll-through demi-pointe properly and get completely over their box. It has a shorter vamp and reduced box compared to Joy II. Dancers with longer toes should consider Joy II.

Both models are made with a stretch canvas lining, micro-suede sole (making it completely vegan), soft heel cup, foot enveloping foam inside the box, and an elastic drawstring secured at the Achilles.

What sets the Alegria and Joy II Pointe Shoes apart however is the built-in Elektra Tech technology, the first-ever usage of interchangeable, thermoplastic shanks! This provides a number of benefits:

Customization - Interchangeable shanks, of different strengths, allow the dancer to control the support of each foot. Shank strength can vary between feet. It can be customized for different variations or performances. It can be adjusted to help with injury recovery, or increased as the dancer grows in strength and ability. It makes these shoes appropriate for those new to pointe all the way to professional ballerinas. From barre to center and Giselle to Paquita, Elektra Tech has you covered!

Durability - Elektra Tech offers durability that cannot be achieved with a traditional shoe. There is no break-in or break-down period, and your shoes will be ready to dance immediately. That means the peak of pointe perfection (that precise moment when we love our shoes) is much longer - in fact, you will experience it the moment you put on the shoes and maintain it until you have to get a new pair. When does that happen? When you think the satin is no longer swan worthy, it will be time to replace your Elektra Techs. Even at that point, you will still have the same support that you always had.

The box is also reinforced around the metatarsals, which means no more knuckling! Because the box and shank housing are also made of a durable (yet flexible) thermoplastic material, you can expect the shape and feel to last much longer as well.

Injury Prevention - With no break-in period, Elektra Tech shoes take the stress off of your body by being immediately able to roll through demi-pointe. Your feet do the work and build strength (always the best injury prevention around!) but your metatarsals and instep are supported by a box and shank housing that won't break down.

The Alegria Pointe Shoes require selection of your choice of Shank (additional shanks sold separately) and Ring (additional rings also sold separately):

Shank - There are 4 shank strengths - Flex, Firm, Ultra Firm, and Super Ultra Firm. There are also 4 reinforcement lengths - O (none), I (45%), III (55%), V (75%) and X (full). Choose the combination that best meets your needs, or purchase additional shanks to use for different purposes. They can easily be interchanged!

So Danca Elektra Shanks

As a starting point consider the Firm III shank which is a medium strength shank that arches about halfway up the foot. Adjust from there if you want it to be stronger or more flexible, or if you want the arch to hit higher or lower.

Ring - The Ring provides even more support, helps hug the shoe to the foot even better, and also helps prevent twisting. Size 4 is by far the most common ring size. Very large feet might consider size 5, and smaller feet might consider size 3. Tiny feet only should consider size 2 or 1.


Available Sizes

The So Danca Alegria Pointe Shoes are available with the following options:

Size - 2-9.5. Begin 1.5 sizes down from U.S. street shoe size.

Width - B, C, D, E. C is a Medium width and the most common.

Shank - 15 different Shanks, ranging from Flex O to Super Ultra-Firm O.

Ring - 5 different Rings.

Suggested Fit

To view the So Danca Shoes Sizing Chart click here.

Customer Reviews

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Krystal Y. (Washington, US)
Like Clouds On My Feet

These fit perfectly! I have struggled over the last few years with finding a shoe that is comfortable with a close to perfect fit. I’ve tried so many different shoes but knew there must be a better option for me out there. The Alegria is that shoe! They are not only comfortable but they fit my crazy feet perfectly! They support my feet wonderfully. I’m so happy with this shoe purchase.