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New from Russian Pointe, three beautiful models of pointe shoes that form the Sea of Pearls Collection - Akoya, Baroque, and Mabe.

Inspired by the elegant luster of pearls and the beauty of the sea, these handcrafted pointe shoes showcase lining that is made from recycled materials and ocean bound plastic - an important step in helping RP to cleanse the sea of harmful materials.

All Sea of Pearls models feature pre-arched construction which mimics the shape of the foot on pointe, highlights the arch while facilitating pointe work, and minimizes the break-in period.

The RP Mabe Pointe Shoes are constructed with a generous box, medium crown, and an extra-wide toe platform. They are best suited to dancers with broad or even-length toes or who wear thicker padding, such as gel pads. This model does not have a significant difference in width from the metatarsal to the heel. Mabe is one of RP's roomiest shoes, fitting broader and more rectangular feet.

Features of Mabe include:
• Fits fuller profile feet with even-length toes and a broad heel
• Pleated, extra wide toe platform
• Generous box
• Medium crown
• Pre-arched construction
• Natural leather sole
• U-Cut with drawstring


Available Sizes

Russian Pointe Mabe Pointe Shoes are offered with the following options:

Size - available in sizes 35-43 (U.S. 6-11).

Width - available in 5 different widths, W2-W6. W3 is the Medium width. Please note W6 is available in sizes 36-43 only.

Vamp - available in Vamp 2 only. Vamp 2 is for dancers with medium length toes and is the most common.

Shank - available in 2 different shanks - Flexible Medium (FM) and Flexible Soft (FS).

Suggested Fit

To view the Russian Pointe Pointe Shoe Sizing Chart click here.

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