Russian Pointe Almaz U-Cut Drawstring Pointe Shoes - Flexible Hard Shank

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Introducing the Russian Pointe Almaz pointe shoes. Like its namesake jewel, Almaz (Russian for "diamond") helps the dancer sparkle on stage, flattering the foot with the clean lines of a pleatless toe platform and sleek heel.

Lightweight and quiet, Almaz accommodates a variety of foot shapes and provides excellent stability with its strong platform and non-slip leather sole.

The medium platform size and somewhat tapered box of Almaz are ideally suited to dancers with moderately tapered toes, and the low crown hugs toes that are shallow to moderately full.

Next-generation pliable, long-lasting shanks provide flexibility and durability. Non-slip leather sole enhances traction.


Available Sizes

Russian Pointe Almaz pointe shoes are highly customizable to ensure a perfect fit:

Size - available in sizes 34.5-44 (U.S. 5.5-12).

Width - available in 5 different widths, W2-W6. W3 is the Medium width. Please note W6 is available in sizes 36-44 only.

Vamp - Almaz is available in Vamp 2 only, which is for dancers with medium length toes and is the most common.

Drawstring Option - this option is the U-Cut style (AD) which is made with a drawstring.

Suggested Fit

To view the Russian Pointe Pointe Shoe Sizing Chart click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Arizona Mom (Chandler, US)
Terrific Shoes

My daughter loves these shoes. They fit perfectly to her foot and arch. They are well made. These shoes are hard to find, I only hope you will continue to sell them. Please get more in stock

Mom (Chandler, US)
Great shoes

My daughter has been dancing on pointe for the last 5 years and has always struggled trying to find the right shoe. She's been told "yes, they work great" but then a month or so after they say they don't work. It's frustrating as a mom buying all these different shoes. But the Russian Pointe Bravas work fantastic. They are well made and they make her feet look beautiful. She's very happy with the comfort. I hope you will continue to sell these shoes.

Anonymous (Houston, US)

Shoes were perfect.

Giovanna M. (Honeoye Falls, US)
Beautiful shoes

I am an older dancer who likes to maintain foot strength, so finding a shoe that fit my feet perfectly so I could do a little pointe work made me so happy. I have a very low profile foot with moderately tapered toes , high arch and diamond shaped foot The 3 width is perfect, the box needs no gel padding at all because all contact points are made - there is no sinking into the box at all. The heel does not slip. I love the FS shank, but still like to soften it more with a little force. The V shaped vamp is beautiful. In general these are made very well - I enjoy wearing them

Ayumi (Manhattan, US)
Great low profile pointe shoes

My daughter has been on pointe for almost 3 years, and has been on search for her perfect pair. She has very narrow and compressive feet, second toes being the longest, narrow heels, and rather flat feet. Over the course of our research, we came to realize that she needs low profile shoes that allows the boxes to hug her toes securely, so that her arches are supported and able to get on the box fully. RP Almaz is so far the perfect fit for her as the compact boxes with good wing support are letting her get on the box with ease, and the tapered heels stays nicely fit on her heels without being baggy. She wears U-cut vamp with drawstrings, Width 1, Vamp 2, and FM shank is working better than FH as she is a light weight, and still lasts quite well.