R-Class CL60 Crescenda Pointe Shoes - Medium Shank

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By R-Class

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R-Class, world-renowned makers of hand-crafted pointe shoes for more than thirty years, is now offering their shoes directly in the U.S. Crafted with precision and passion, these pointe shoes are designed to elevate your performance and provide dancers with unparalleled comfort and support.

The R-Class Crescenda Pointe Shoes are part of the R-Class Classic Symphony Collection. These are pleated shoes that have higher crowns due to the traditional turn-shoe method used to construct them. The shanks and soles are attached using nails and glue. Both of these processes make the pointe shoes more pliable and allow the dancer to go further over the platform.

Crescenda features a moderately tapered box, a medium crown, arch, and heel, and offers the most universal fit, particularly with dancers with moderately tapered toes and a fuller instep. It is designed with a U-Cut vamp and includes an elastic drawstring.

This model of Crescenda includes the Medium shank, which strikes the most popular balance between flexibility and support. It also has a unique space removed in the demi-pointe area to allow for smooth roll-throughs without sacrificing the strength in the arch area where it's needed most.

Elevate your dance experience with the R-Class Crescenda Pointe Shoes – where every movement is a crescendo of beauty and strength, setting a new standard in the world of ballet footwear.


Available Sizes

R-Class Crescanda Pointe Shoes are offered with the following options:

Size - available in Sizes 225-275 (U.S. 6-12).

Width - available in 6 different Widths, W1-W6. W3 is the Medium width.

Vamp - available in Vamp 2 only. Vamp 2 is for dancers with medium length toes and is the most common.

Shank - available in available in Soft, Medium, and Hard Shanks.

If you need a size/width/shank not listed, please email us at support@dancesupplies.com to discuss special orders.

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