Ovation Gear Folding Mirror



This Folding Mirror from Ovation Gear saves the day when you need to give yourself a final check before taking the stage. Measuring 3 feet tall in length, there’s plenty of room to see how marvelous you look!

The mirror can easily be hung by its handle on a garment rack, door hook, etc., or rested on a tabletop or other flat surface.

When not in use the mirror easily folds in half and can be stored inside your Ovation Gear Performance Bag or other travel bag. Velcro straps are included to keep the mirror securely closed when stored, and a travel handle also makes it very easy to carry.

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SKU: 1404

Available Sizes

The Ovation Gear Folding Mirror measures approximately 12.75" x 18.5" inches when folded, and 12.75" x 36.75" inches when unfolded.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sherry R (Chicago, US)
Perfect mirror

Just as described and it shipped lightning fast!

Ellie (Seattle, US)
Bring My Own Mirror

Every time we do a performance, every dancer is fighting over the 1-2 mirrors that the dance studio provides or they are trying to check their hair and face in little compact mirrors. My girls no longer have to deal with this. Their new mirror is perfect. It travels great in their bag and lets them see their costumes and hair all at once.

Suzanne (Austin, US)
GREAT for camping

I bought this specifically for camping. My husband and I attend a handful of regional burning man events every year and I wanted a full-length mirror to use when we're putting on costumes. This folding mirror worked perfectly for us. It's long enough that we can use it standing or sitting, light-weight, and stores safely away in my personal trunk where it won't get damaged. We're very happy with it.My only criticism is that it has a teensy bit of a fun-house mirror effect, but that's to be expected for a cloth-mounted mirror, and it makes me look thinner so I'm not complaining ;-)

Anonymous (Warminster, US)
competition this weekend

Love the mirror. We will be using it this weekend at Comp. my daughter already loves it.

D. McDade (Freeport, US)
Large Travel Mirror for Dance

Love this mirror. It is long enough to see your entire costume and face. My daughter used this last weekend at a dance convention and we were able to hang it from her garment rack. Everyone was using it! Great buy!