Freed Ballet Socks

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By Freed


These Ballet Socks from Freed are designed specifically for ballet class and outperform regular socks. They feel great and offer just the right amount of thickness - plush enough to be comfortable, yet thin enough to wear with ballet slippers.

They also offer the perfect amount of stretch - enough to fit snugly and wear over tights (if desired), but not too much where they will stretch out like regular socks.

Approved by the Royal Academy of Dance for Pre-Primary and Primary examinations, these socks are THE socks for RAD uniform requirements.

Made of a comfortable and breathable 100% Nylon material.


Available Sizes

The Freed Ballet socks are available in Sizes 1-5 in both Pink and White. White socks are additionally available in Size 6.

Suggested Fit

The recommended sizing is as follows:
• Size 1 - Toddler sizes 3-5.5
• Size 2 - Toddler sizes 6-8
• Size 3 - Child sizes 9-12
• Size 4 - Child sizes 12-3.5
• Size 5 - Adult sizes 4-7.5
• Size 6 - Adult sizes 8-12

Customer Reviews

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Mom to a boy dancer
True to size

These are great ballet socks. I chose the size suggested by the sizing chart and they fit perfectly (I thought no way would a six year old be wearing a size that was about halfway through the range of sizes offered but I was wrong). They did not shrink in the dryer, nor pill. The shipping was fast and fairly priced for the cost of the socks.