Flexistretcher 2.0

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The Flexistretcher has long been a leading flexibility and strength training tool used by dancers globally. Harnessing the power of elastic resistance, the Flexistretcher safely improves flexibility, while simultaneously strengthening the muscles as they stretch.

Use the Flexistretcher to simulate dance-specific movement patterns, focusing on improvements in execution and mobility. The variable resistance nature of the band increases the tension through the stretch, requiring the muscles to work harder, which in turn promotes their growth and strength.

The new Flexistretcher 2.0 maintains all the great qualities of the original, while adding a number of improvements:
• New Hardware Pieces - custom designed hardware to prevent sliding
• New Loops and Elastic - fully adjustable loops and custom strength elastic designed for ultimate resistance
• Rubber Stoppers - allow for the loop to always stay in place and avoid the slider piece from falling off
• Neoprene Sleeve - beautiful embroidered logo on the sleeve allowing for a cleaner, more tailored look
• New Packaging - elegant box to enclose the product that includes a grid of stretches and exercises to help you get started
• Carrying Bag Now Included - mesh bag that perfectly fits the Flexistretcher


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Susie (Christchurch, NZ)

This has really helped me with my arabesques, penche, front and side extensions, layouts, scorpion, needle and splits enormously! It comes with an instruction booklet that is full of exercises, photos and instructions on how to get the best stretch possible for certain moves and poses. I noticed that even though I'm doing intense exercises, I'm not stiff the next day so that I can now stretch on a regular daily basis. It's also really easy to use and comfortable because of the foam padding that slips over the elastic bit in the middle, and it is very portable so it can fit in every dance bag! This was surprisingly quick to arrive so that was a plus too : ) I'd recommend this product to any dancer who wants to improve any stretch or just be generally more flexible-its AMAZING!