Bunheads Jet Glue


Bunheads has partnered with the orginator of Instant Jet® Glue - the best pointe shoe hardner on the market!

Available in 1 oz. container, this small bottle minimizes the risk of the glue drying out prematurely, which means less wasted product.

Maximize the life of pointe shoes by applying a thin layer of fast drying Jet Glue to the inside of the toe box and/or the shank of the shoe.

SKU: BH250

Customer Reviews

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Jess (Sylvania, US)
Shoe Life Extender!

This glue really does add a bit more life to dying shoes. It is thin and watery, which helps it to apply evenly inside the box of the shoe. I always wear gloves and place shoes on wax paper to avoid messes or sticking fingers together! A must have.


When I bought this, I felt a little guilty, because I thought it wasn't worth it and super glue would work just as well. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. This is definitely worth the money. It applies so well, and the long top can reach any part of the shoe with ease - no sticky fingers. And, when dry, the texture is hardly scratchy/rough in comparison to Super Glue. I did two pairs of shoes and I'd say about 2/6 of the bottle is used. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

MR (Orange Park, US)
Jet Glue - Help Pointe Shoes last longer

This product is a must have. Definitely helps pointe shoes to last longer.
We love it!

Casey Shepard (Chesapeake, US)
Jet Glue

This Jet Glue is a life saver! It truly helps extend the life of my pointe shoes and the slim nozzle prevents me for over using it and spilling it on my shoes

BalletSwanMom (Missouri City, US)

So far, so good. Works, but be careful: very runny...comes out like water. Strong odor...use in a well vented area. We found it dries pretty quickly, but do suggest using it several hours before pointe shoes need to be worn. Daughter used on (inside) shank (middle part) & (inside) sides of shank (middle part).