Bunheads Flexers Rehearsal Pointe Shoe Ribbon

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Many female dancers develop Achilles' Tendonitis due to the nature of pointe work. Too often, ribbons that are tied too tightly restrict the ankles and create excessive pressure on the Achilles' tendon.

Flexers are designed to help alleviate the pressure that causes this irritation. They are snug and secure, yet stretch with the movement of the ankle. They enable the dancer to rise from plie, through demi-pointe and onto pointe with minimal constriction and no bagginess. Recommended by physical therapists, used by professionals.

7/8" wide, durable, single-faced matte satin ribbon. Perfect for rehearsal shoes or the beginner dancer.

Color - Light Professional Pink.

Quantity - 4 Flexer ribbons per set.


Customer Reviews

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S.T. (Brooklyn, US)
Great ribbons

I used these ribbons on my first pair of piinte shoes and they are fantastic.

Maddie (New York, US)
Perfect Ribbons!

I only use Flexers, they are my 'go to' ribbons!

Anonymous (Peachtree City, US)
Great for student dancers

These ribbons help students avoid one way that Achilles tendonitis can develop. The elastic is stretchy enough for movement and firm enough for support. The ribbons are high quality enough that the two materials stay in functional condition throughout the life of the shoe. Not as importantly, but a nice extra, are the two colors of pink that match different points shoes makers.

Hilary (New Lothrop, US)

Much better fit than regular ribbons. No more trouble with baggy ribbons! This is all I will be purchasing from now on!

Anonymous (Hagerstown, US)

I love these! They offer the beauty and support of satin ribbons with the comfort of the elastic going across the back of the ankle. I tried elastic ribbons and didn't like the feel. But I also had trouble with the satin ribbons getting loose, and not being able to get them tighter without hurting the backs of my ankles. These flexer ribbons really are the best of both worlds! The elastic protects the Achilles and also keeps the ribbons from being too tight or too loose.