Bloch Hannah Pointe Shoes

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By Bloch


The Bloch Hannah is a lightweight pointe shoe suited for the dancer looking to strengthen and build her foot. It features:
• Comfortable shape with many internal contact points.
• Generous platform that encourages balanced weight distribution that can reduce pressure on individual metatarsals.
• Curved last that closely mimics the natural contours of the foot so the shank stays in close contact with the instep.
• Supple insole design.

SKU: S0109L

Available Sizes

The Bloch Hannah is available in sizes 2-8, in widths of No X-XXX.

Suggested Fit

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Customer Reviews

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Great Shoes

I have very tapered feet and bunions. These shoes are great for my foot shape and problem areas. I was originally fit in a XXX width but I went to a XX and It's way better for me so just make sure you get the correct width because I was getting blisters on the bottom of my feet before I switched. These shoes are a little soft but I prefer softer shoes because I don't have to break them in. But like many Bloch shoes, they don't last very long, I wear mine comfortably for two weeks and they tend to stop supporting me soon after that. My feet are very strong and they have a decent arch. Two things I don't like about these shoes are the weird bubble heel and the strange shank(it is tapered so it looks a little off) but everything else is perfect!

Ellen (Norway, US)


Great for my feet!

I recently got these pointe shoes and love them! They were my second pair, my first pair were Capezio Airess(8M, half shank, tappered). Airess just wasn't working for me, the vamp was too long and the shank was too hard for me, these factors put together made it almost impossible for me to get over the box. I have love arches and medium length toes. The first thing I noticed when I tried 'hannah' on was as well as being very comfortable it was easy for me to get over the box straight away. These shoes are great for someone wanting to straighten their feet and help them get over the box :)

Anonymous (Bloomingdale, US)
Just what we needed

These are the second pair of Bloch Hannah point shoes my daughter has had. I would reccomend them to anyone.

Anonymous (San Jose, US)
Fast shipping, great pricing

These were my second pair or Bloch Hannah shoes and I love them!! I had assumed they would come with elastic and ribbon but they don't. I had to get those separate. Over all they are great - perfect for foot strengthening, and good support!