Bloch Eurostretch Stretch Pointe Shoes


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The Bloch Eurostretch Stretch Pointe Shoes represent a groundbreaking revolution to a product that hasn't evolved much in the last century. This innovation - stretch fabric - addresses the fact that a foot is shorter when en pointe. With the Bloch Eurostretch pointe shoes, the unique stretch satin fabric adheres to the foot like a second skin no matter what position it's in, allowing the shoe to look better and feel more secure too.

The Bloch Eurostretch Stretch Pointe Shoes also feature:
• Split-sole design allowing maximum stretch at the arch as the dancer moves from flat to pointe
• Firmer 'A Paste' that deters the effects of heat and humidity
• Very wide platform that encourages weight distribution en pointe
• Low profile with elastic drawstring
• Cotton insert designed for easy attachment of ribbon and elastics

With the latest in stretch materials and multiple patents, the Bloch Eurostretch allows for ultimate articulation and unparalleled connection between foot and shoe. One seamless, flawless line is now a reality. Exclusively by Bloch.

SKU: S0172L

Available Sizes

The Bloch Eurostretch Stretch Pointe Shoes are available in sizes 3.5-8, in widths of X-XXX.

Suggested Fit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mindy Horn (St Louis, US)
Bloch Eurostretch pointe shoes are excellent

I really enjoy them. They fit my feel good and I feel comfortable getting up on the box. Great shoes! I’ve been buying them for years!

PF (Lincroft, US)
Bloch stretch point shoe

These are my favorite pointe shoes. Have tried other brands/styles over the years but always come back to these. Look very pretty and fit great.

monica romano (Encinitas, US)

these are by far the most comfortable shoe! enhance the arch so beautifully and look so good. they ensure that even the not flexible feet get over the box and really mold to the dancers unique foot. easy to jet glue and overall love!

Megan (Dyer, US)
Best shoe so far

This shoe is the best one my daughter has ever tried. She doesn’t have naturally great arches, but her feet are very strong and would snap shanks easily. This shoe accentuates her arch better than anything else she’s tried (and she’s tried a lot)! They also last longer than previous styles.

jamie Hewitson (Belmar, US)
bloch eurostretch

fantastic shoes, expert delivery and wonderful shopping! thank you!