Bloch Dramatica II Stretch Pointe Shoes

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By Bloch


As follow-up to the successful launch of the innovative Dramatica model, Bloch has introduced the Dramatica II Stretch Pointe Shoes, offering even more advancements.

The Dramatica II uses Bloch's A Paste that increases the longevity of the shoe and reinforces correct placement. The crown is also slightly flatter, giving the dancer more contact points with the shoe.

The box is reinforced to hold the dancer up and straight, and the U-shaped vamp and low cut side create an enhanced profile.

The Dramatica II also carries forward many of the great features of the original Dramatica. It is made with the same unique stretch satin that adheres to the foot like a second skin no matter what position it's in, allowing the shoe to look better and feel more secure too. This addresses the fact that a foot is shorter when en pointe.

Dramatica II also uses a split-sole design allowing maximum stretch at the arch as the dancer moves from flat to pointe, has a leather grip at the heel to ensure non-slip-off fit, and is designed with an elastic drawstring for improved fit as well.

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Available Sizes

The Bloch Dramatica II Stretch Pointe Shoes are available in sizes 3.5-8, in widths of X-XXX.

Suggested Fit

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Customer Reviews

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Alyson (Indianola, US)

This Shoe is amazing! I love it. I will most likely have these pointe shoes for the rest of my dance life. I have been on pointe for 3 or 4 years and I have somewhat low arches and I have a hard time getting fully on my box. But these shoes are a life saver! I have so much confidence now then I did before. I can focus more on my dancing then worrying about get over my box.