Bloch Covert Elastic

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By Bloch

The Covert Elastic by Bloch is a lightweight and virtually invisible elastic to sew on pointe shoes for added security. Comes pre-cut for extra convenience.

Each package includes enough elastic for one pair of pointe shoes.

SKU: A0185

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Hamilton (Logan, US)
Best covert elastics out there

I’ve tried quite a few different brands of this type of elastic, but honestly, all other brands I’ve tried have not laid flat when I put my point shoes on. They roll up into a little tube of an elastic and it’s super uncomfortable. These ones have never done that, so I’ve never bought anything since.

Love them

Casey Shepard (Chesapeake, US)
This elastic is fantastic

This convert elastic is wonderful. It is not only strong but also helps make your line look longer. Rather than dark, solid elastic that cuts your line, this translucent looking elastic makes your legs look so much longer(which every dancer wants!)