Apolla Infinite Shocks

By Apolla


The Apolla Infinite Shocks are a mid-calf sock that stays in place and does not slip down.

Infinite is perfect for for long days on your feet, extra support needs, travel, and recovery. It is beloved by ballerinas coming out of pointe shoes or those with bunions.

Features of the Apolla Infinite Shock include:
• Mid-calf length with graduated compression going up the calf.
• Apolla's Level 3 Maximum Support, if you crave extra support then Infinite is for you!
• Knit-In Energy Absorption that gives your heels and metatarsals comfort and helps ease your joints when landing jumps.
• Made from antimicrobial, breathable, moisture-wicking Sorbtek® technology that help keeps your feet drier, cooler, and less smelly.
• Patented targeted compression that provides revolutionary arch support and ankle stability. This lifts and stabilizes your arches which helps reduce stress and inflammation of the plantar fascia, and helps remove inflammation which can cause pain and force you to stop dancing.
• No compression in the toes allows freedom to spread them.
• Washable to extend their lifetime. In fact, the fit gets more comfortable with wear and washing, as Apolla Shocks form to your foot over time for a perfect, custom fit.

Many dancers love the "snug hug" that Infinite provides. Others may find it "claustrophobic". If you prefer a lighter, full coverage option, we recommend the Apolla Performance Shocks.

Apolla Infinite Shocks are offered with or without their patent-pending, refreshable invisible traction on the ball of the foot. This gives grip you can feel when you need it and takes a backseat when you don't. Over time as the grip wears off, you can "re-stick it" using E6000 Spray Adhesive. This refreshes the grip over and over for the life of the Shocks.

Wearing compression socks feels like your feet and ankles are receiving a nice, snug hug. Apolla uses compression levels that are high enough to support the arches and stabilize the ankle's tendons and ligaments. Wear your Apolla Shocks in class for support and to reduce inflammation, then wear them AFTER class for recovery. They are also great for travel and everyday wear. If you are nursing an injury, wear your Shocks as much as you can. This is very similar to the support you will get from taping, except it allows for better movement and comfort. This compression helps remove the inflammation, which in turn helps you ache less and feel better!

SKU: APO-Infinite

Available Sizes

The Apolla Infinite Shocks are available in Adult sizes X-Small - X-Large.

Suggested Fit

Female Foot Size Apolla Shock Size Male Foot Size
13 - 2.5 X-Small 12.5 - 2
3 - 5.5 Small 2.5 - 5.5
6 - 10 Medium 6 - 8
10 and up Large 8.5 - 11
X-Large 12 and up
The above chart is provided as a guide only. As foot shapes vary there may be some variance. For example if you have narrow and/or bony feet and are at the low end of a size range you may prefer a smaller size. Likewise if you have wide and/or thick feet and are at the high end of a size range you may prefer a larger size.

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