Pointe Paint



Pointe Paint is a convenient, clean and easy way to dye (and matte!) your fabric shoes, including pointe shoes and canvas technique slippers.

Pointe Paint provides an innovative way to match any brand of dance shoes to your skin tone, or bring your shoes and dancing to life with fun, vibrant colors.

Pointe Paint is easy to use and made from safe, water-based pigments.

Each bottle contains 1 oz. of fluid, enough to paint 1 pair of pointe shoes, depending on your size.

Please note that Pointe Paint mattes satin. The matting agent does not always dry completely even and, not unlike liquid foundation, may leave insignificant streaks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
S.T. (Plainview, US)
Works Great

Love the pointe paint I got from this place. It helps paint my pointe shoes really well. I got the hot pink dahlia color.

Brook Richards (Rancho Cucamonga, US)
Love pointe paint

My daughter loves this product - comes on even and beautiful color selections.

Maureen Smith

Super easy to apply

Meaghan (Derby Center, US)
Easy Peasy

The paint came quickly and went on smoothly. It was so easy to use. I did wear gloves and put a towel down so there is no staining of anything else. So much easier than anything else I could come up with.