Russian Pointe Brava Pointe Shoes - V-Cut

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The Russian Pointe Brava pointe shoes will have the audience yelling "Brava"!

Brava is ideal for dancers with even-length to moderately tapered toes, and a noticeable difference in width from the metatarsal area to the heel ("diamond" foot). Exquisite in both form and function, it combines a number of performance enhancements with the spotlight-worthy elegance of traditionally handcrafted pointe shoes.

Brava is a remarkably versatile pointe shoe, built with the following features:
• Medium crown and a wide, stable platform for balance.
• Pre-arched construction throughout the shoe that mimics the shape of the foot on pointe giving the dancer a beautiful line.
• Next-generation strong, pliable shanks that provide flexibility and durability.
• Streamlined traditional pleating and box contours.


Available Sizes

Russian Pointe Brava pointe shoes are highly customizable to ensure a perfect fit:

Size - available in sizes 34-44 (U.S. 4-12).

Width - available in 6 different widths, W1-W6. W3 is the Medium width. Please note W6 is available in sizes 36-44 only.

Vamp - available in 3 different vamps, V1-V3. Vamp 2 is for dancers with medium length toes and is the most common.

Shank - available in 4 different shanks - Flexible Soft (FS), Flexible Medium (FM), Flexible Hard (FH), and Hard (H).

Drawstring Option - this option is the V-Cut style (BV) which is made without a drawstring.

Suggested Fit

To view the Russian Pointe Pointe Shoe Sizing Chart click here.

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