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Suffolk Foot Roller

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Suffolk Foot Roller
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The Suffolk Foot Roller is a portable, easy to use tool for massaging a dancer's feet. The roller is great to use both before and after class to improve strength and flexibility.

The inner groove pattern targets the transverse arch, which helps propel the dancer to pointe. The outer grooves target the medial and longitudinal arch muscles, improving the line of the foot.

The foam center is firm enough to activate the muscles, but also soft and pliable for comfort. At only 7 inches long, the Suffolk Foot Roller can easily be kept in a dance bag, and should be a staple for all dancers.

Available Sizes

The Suffolk Foot Roller measures 7 inches in length.

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Great product
I tried this product in the past and it works wonders! I happened to misplace it and I bought 2 to ensure that I didnít have to go without again. more...

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