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Suffolk Cut Ribbon

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Suffolk Cut Ribbon
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Dyed to perfectly match the satin used in Suffolk pointe shoes.

Includes two pieces of individually cut and burned 45" double-sided ribbons, enough to sew one pair of pointe shoes.

Smooth edges, using a super high quality material that make this ribbon among the very best double-sided ribbon on the market.

Width - 7/8".

Available Colors

European Pink
bronze Bronze
brown Brown

Suffolk Cut Ribbon Reviews

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Not elastic!
Just be aware... more...
This ribbon works super well, but I had no idea how long one order would be so I accidentally ordered too much. For those wondering, one order is about 45... more...

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1. Does this ribbon have a stretch to it?

No, the Suffolk Cut Ribbon is not made with a stretch fabric. It is a matte satin on both sides.