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Toes don't hurt in these Dec 24, 2016
  Review by Anonymous, . If your feet are like mine, you will love these shoes. My first 4 toes are close to the same length. The big toe is longer and they get progressively shorter but not as significantly as many people.
Love these shoes! Jul 25, 2016
  Review by Anonymous, . I've gone through several different brands and models of pointe shoes and none of them can compare to Suffolk spotlights. The box is very hard, while the shank is pretty soft, which is the perfect combination for me because the shank is very supportive but also accentuates my flexible arches. The shoe is very good quality, but I will say however, definitely let your shoes dry out after every time you wear them or rotate more than one pair of shoes because otherwise they might not last very long.
Awesome customer service! Aug 17, 2014
  Review by L Davis, Mesa AZ. My daughter loves these shoes. We had been through so many brands and styles before she finally found these. The customer service is incredible!! I am glad I found this company and will place all my future orders with them!!!
Great for high arches Aug 27, 2013
  Review by Anonymous, BC. My daughter has been fitted with 8 other kinds of shoes over the years, and none of them were quite right. Her bendy, high arched feet break many kinds quickly, and some just don't look right on her feet. Her teacher finally tried these for her, and the 3/4 shank works perfectly for her. So glad has the hard shank option- I couldn't find that anywhere else!
only shoes we buy May 17, 2015
  Review by Elizabeth , Indianapolis IN. my daughter has been on pointe and going through pointe shoes for 4 years. After almost three years of trial and error, these have become the only shoes for her. We also cannot find her size and width at our local dance store, usually, and when they place an order it can take several weeks. We have been so grateful that always has these shoes and is amazingly fast at delivering them to our door. Our most recent order arrived in two days.
Suffolk Spotlight Nov 7, 2013
  Review by Mari, boston MA. I love this shoe! I have relatively strong feet so they do not last as long as I wish!... But they do make my feet look really nice... On the downside, after wearing them for awhile they become warped. The shank where it hits the ball of your foot no longer hugs your foot nicely. Other than that, I love this shoe and would recommend it to anyone with strong feet.
I ❤️ Suffolk Spotlights Sep 9, 2014
  Review by Molly, Cloumbia Md. I love these pointe shoes! I got these for my very first pointe shoes. They work great and they make it easy from me to get up en pointe. I love the color.
Suffolk Pointe shoes Apr 30, 2014
  Review by Tracey, Clinton Township mi. Fast shipment, I was so impressed! The shoes are great, My daughter has tried every pointe shoe out there. These fit her beautifully and they look great. They last a long time, much longer than many other pointe shoes.
Good Shoe Jan 21, 2014
  Review by Bob, Flint MI. Works well for my daughter she had tried many others. Expensive but durable for pointe shoes. good service from Dance
Great customer support May 4, 2015
  Review by Amy, Las Vegas NV. Our local dance shop did not have this in the size my daughter needed and could not get them in for 6 weeks. Called Dance Supplies and they found the right size (their last pair!) and shipped them the same day. Loved that the shipment included free elastics and ribbons. The shorter vamp has been great for my daughter after struggling with another brand for two years. These were easy to break in for a young dancer.

Suffolk Spotlight Pointe Shoes

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