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GREAT SHOE Sep 3, 2020
  Review by Anonymous, Ar. Love the Suffolk shoes. 3 of my dancers are in this shoe and all really enjoy them.
Excellent Feb 5, 2020
  Review by Fer, . Perfect! Arrived safely and promptly!!
Thank you!
Highly recommend Suffolk Spotlight Pointe Shoe Jan 14, 2020
  Review by b harris, Peoria IL. Very happy with the Suffolk Spotlight Pointe Shoe. My daughter has been wearing these for four years now - without a single blister or pain. She has tried three other brands and has gone back to Suffolk every time. I have never had a problem ordering from Dance, always has her size in stock. Would recommend this shoe to any dancer!!
Mrs. Nov 22, 2019
  Review by Marcia, Beavercreek Oh. Had a problem in January finding exactly what I needed and in searching on line located the pointe shoes at your site. I called and received exceptional service from a very polite and helpful person. So impressed with product, service and speed in receiving items I ordered another pair of the shoes as well as paws last week and again awesome service/products. Best place to shop if you know your size.
My daughter's favorite Mar 12, 2019
  Review by Marie, TX. We FINALLY found an online supplier that consistently has these shoes in stock! My daughter has a wide foot and we have tried many brands and styles. These are the ones that fit. But so often we would go to the dance store and they wouldn't have this shoe in her size. They would want to substitute another style. Nope, doesn't work. So happy to find these readily available online.
Fast shipping Jul 15, 2018
  Review by Anonymous, . Not many places on the internet carry Spotlights. Shipping is super fast. Happy mom/happy dancer!
Fast delivery Jun 9, 2018
  Review by Anonymous, . First off the customer service amazing. The shoes have a little bit more of a tapered box than I was expecting but seem great so far. For example the Stellar has a much wider box and fits wider for the same listed width, in case that is helpful for anyone. The length is true to size. I got the elastic drawstrings installed on these and you canít even tell. It puts my job to shame. Highly recommend this service if you like elastic drawstrings.
Fast Delivery Feb 7, 2018
  Review by Sophia, Tampa Fl. Local stores do not carry the hard shank, it's great to be able to place the order here with a fast delivery time of less than a week!
customer service Jan 17, 2017
  Review by Campbell, VERONA WI. Appreciate the exceptionally rapid delivery of these pointe shoes. We did not pay extra for shipping. Advanced dancer and these shoes hold up great and true to size. Love them.
Toes don't hurt in these Dec 24, 2016
  Review by Anonymous, . If your feet are like mine, you will love these shoes. My first 4 toes are close to the same length. The big toe is longer and they get progressively shorter but not as significantly as many people.

Suffolk Spotlight Pointe Shoes - Pink

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