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Amazing Sep 19, 2015
  Review by Anonymous, . These shoes stretch and really hug your arch to make your feet look great. Also a plus- no drawstrings to worry about! The only thing I don't like about these slippers is that they wear out kinda fast, maybe because of the different material.
Annoyed May 24, 2017
  Review by Barbara Ryll, Sebastian Fl. One of the elastics was not fastened at all on one side of the slipper. Since they were needed that day I stitched it myself. After one class a different piece of the elastic became unstitched and had to be re-stitched. Very disappointed with the workmanship on these ballet slippers.
Ballet Slipper Sep 4, 2017
  Review by Anonymous, . Very nice and soft. Quick shipping.
Best Ballet Shoes Sep 20, 2016
  Review by Angie, Bremerton Wa. These are by far the best canvas ballet shoes! My daughter refuses to wear anything else!
Best flats ever Feb 9, 2017
  Review by Anonymous, . These are my daughter favorites. It hugs the foot like no other shoe, and her point looks the best in them.
Best Shoes Ever!!! May 31, 2016
  Review by Mary, Tucson Ar. I danced seriously as a child, but only recently returned to dancing several days a week. I have a very wide toe box, which is great for any balances, if I can actually spread my toes in my shoes. These shoes are the answer to that question. If there is even the slightest chance that you or your little dancer is not able to use all five toes during class, because your current shoes don't allow your toes to spread out, try these shoes! They have made a considerable difference for me, from the first class I wore them. Highly Recommended!!!
Comfy Feb 13, 2019
  Review by Julie, Tampa FL. The size recommendation is accurate, please listen to it! I like that the shoes are tight to your feet while not being so tight that they are restrictive, and the elastics hold them on well for fast motion. The foot pads are comfortable. I use them for extra cushioning during high-impact aerobic activity.
DancerMom Oct 12, 2015
  Review by Anonymous, . My daughter loves these shoes! They fit her feet and last as well as any when you dance 6-7 days a week. is great at communicating when back orders happen and provide amazing customer service. Very happy.
Dreamy! Jun 17, 2017
  Review by Liz, Stroudsburg PA. Absolutely love these slippers. Normally I pull out the lining in a slipper to make it thinner and lighter but there's no need to do that with these. They are the lightest slippers ever, the stretch canvas hugs your foot, no annoying drawstring, the elastics are already sewn on, what's not to love? I wear a 6.5 street shoe, purchased a 5D, and they're perfect. They may wear out quicker, but it's worth it to have such a fabulous slipper on my feet when I teach.
Excellent Services Aug 29, 2017
  Review by AKwok, Richmond BC. I ordered the freeform, Capezio Tap & So Dana Ballet shoes for my daughter.
Super fast shipment. Replacement was sent out right away, when I asked for an exchange.
Will order again with Dance Supplies for sure.

So Danca Bliss Adult Stretch Canvas Ballet Slip...

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