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Great Shoes May 29, 2018
  Review by Anonymous, . I have very tapered feet and bunions. These shoes are great for my foot shape and problem areas. I was originally fit in a XXX width but I went to a XX and itís way better for me so just make sure you get the correct width because I was getting blisters on the bottom of my feet before I switched. These shoes are a little soft but I prefer softer shoes because I donít have to break them in. But like many Bloch shoes, they donít last very long, I wear mine comfortably for two weeks and they tend to stop supporting me soon after that. My feet are very strong and they have a decent arch. Two things I donít like about these shoes are the weird bubble heel and the strange shank(it is tapered so it looks a little off) but everything else is perfect!

Bloch Heritage Pointe Shoes