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Best stretch ribbons Oct 27, 2019
  Review by Nancy, Honolulu Ha. My daughter tried other stretch ribbons but this one is the best. They are a little thicker than other stretch ribbons and she can move in them comfortably. Itís not too stretchy like other brands so it gives good support. It looks and feels almost like the regular satin ribbons. We have been using these ribbons for several years now. Good quality. Love it. Shipping was pretty fast also.
Pillows for Pointes Stretch Ribbon Nov 13, 2018
  Review by Sarah, Ut. I got these stretch ribbons because they were the cheapest option, and actually really love them more then any other stretch ribbon Iíve used. They are thicker than most stretch ribbons, which makes them more durable as I like to tie my ribbons really tight. The color isnít too pink or peachy either. Definitely my new favorite ribbons.
best stretch ribbon Jul 7, 2018
  Review by Dana, Cary NC. My daughter likes the stretch ribbon because it's more comfortable and helps her to avoid pressure on her Achilles. She has tried multiple different brands of stretch ribbon, and this is by far her favorite. She says it looks better with her pointe shoes, too.
Best ribbon Aug 18, 2016
  Review by Anonymous, . My daughter prefers to use elastic ribbon for her pointe shoes because it helps avoid Achilles issues as well as allows more flexibility of her ankles and because the ribbons never come undone like satin ones do. We have used every brand of elastic ribbon and this one was the last one we tried. It is amazing!!! So much smoother and stronger feeling than all other elastic ones. It also looks the most like satin on one side. It feels really thick and smooth and high quality. It also matches the color of Bloch pointe shoe, capezio Cambre pointe shoes as well as Mirella pointe shoes perfectly. I did not really think a ribbon could better than another ribbon by all that much but this really is. It does not fade or get as dirty either. I will probably be ordering the big roll of this ribbon since she goes through pointe shoes. I do think though that we will be able to reuse this ribbon many times because of the high quality and strength.

Pillows For Pointes Stretch Ribbon