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Beautiful Pointe Shoes Jun 18, 2022
  Review by Callie503, Portland OR. The RP Entrada are beautiful pointe shoes and the flexible hard shank is good for dancers with strong feet who wear through pointe shoes quickly.
LouisianaLady Jun 5, 2017
  Review by LouisianaLady, New Orleans Lo. Perfect for mid to high profile feet. There are so few pointe shoes available for such feet. I wear flexible soft shanks which are perfect although they do not last very long. It is the best shoe for med-high profile, short, wide, tapered, normal heeled, very strong feet. It is extremely difficult to find this shoe in stock anywhere though due to high demand for mid-high profile pointe shoes.
great pointe shoes Feb 13, 2017
  Review by Cara, Summertown TN. These are my daughter's 4th pair of pointe shoes and her 4th pair of Russian Pointes. She loves how they are easy to stay over the box and how stiff they are. I love that they last a long time from "broken in" to "broken down". They have beautiful long lines and look very elegant on the feet.
Best Pointe Shoes Oct 11, 2016
  Review by Jean Zambelli, San Francisco CA. My daughter is 17 and has been one pointe for 6 years. She has tried every brand of pointe shoe imaginable and most are hard to turn in, break down too fast, hurt or just make her feet look ugly. She is tall and has long feet with narrow heals, wide metatarsals and very tapered toes. It has taken her a long time to develop strong, arched feet. These shoes are the first time she has loved how her feet look. They fit so well that she can dance confidently in them whether turning, jumping or posing. The V vamp is particularly flattering but the drawstring U version is also pretty. She is a size 8 street shoe but orders size 40 in these which does not correspond to their size chart.
Great Shoes! Nov 13, 2015
  Review by Liz, Ar. These shoes are great! They work best for my daughter. Dance supplies did an AWESOME job at getting them shipped very quickly! My daughter has tried 3 other styles of shoes, and we go back to the Entrada Pro everytime! Her feet look beautiful, and they do a pretty good job holding up!
Russian Pointe Entrada Pro Oct 7, 2015
  Review by Sage, Decatur IL. I absolutely love these shoes! It's weird to say pointe shoes are comfortable, but these are the most comfortable pointe shoes I have ever danced in.

Russian Pointe Entrada Pro Pointe Shoes - U-Cut