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LOVE Nov 13, 2018
  Review by Sarah, Ut. I have been wearing these shoes for about 3 years, Iíve tried a number of shoes such as gaynors and many styles of Blochs. I have short toes that are mostly all the same length and these shoes have been a perfect fit for me. They are padded on the inside so theyíre extremely comfortable. The only thing I donít love about them is that the shank gives out faster then I would like, where the box usually takes a longer time to brake. Iíve specifically loved the Mirella whisper shoes ordered from dance supplies, theyíre a lighter color, and a perfect fit that makes it so that Iím not dealing with that one pair of shoes youíll get every once in a while that just doesnít quite feel right. Such a relief going into rehearsal season!
Love May 18, 2016
  Review by Bryn , Los Angeles Ca. I have had a lot of pain in my hammer toe / generally bony feet and these shoes have really changed my life. I feel so much more stable and comfortable in them and they really work for a foot that doesn't have great arches. They also last longer than many other shoes I've worn (namely Freeds and Suffolks) and the little pad inside the platform isn't bothersome at all.

Mirella Whisper Pointe Shoes - Satin