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Excellent exercise tights Nov 16, 2015
  Review by Amber, NY. I'm no dancer, but when I needed some modest and flexible tights for the gym, I picked up a pair of these for a test. I'm pretty fussy with tights. They have to be thick enough to hide underwear, long enough to reach my ankles comfortably, and not binding in any areas. I'm a big girl, having gained a bunch of pounds lately, so I ordered the XL. (I'm 6'0" and 185#) They are AWESOME. I will likely never buy another kind of leggings. They are definitely opaque enough for my needs. (However, if you look closely you can kindof see through them. No problem, though!) They're breathable, non-binding, sturdy, flexible. Everything I needed. They're very precious to me- one of the few things I will be washing on the gentle cycle, and hanging to dry! Must protect these perfect leggings!

Eurotard Unisex Ankle Leggings