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Bloch Axi Stretch Pointe Shoes Review by Sandy Bradfield

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Favorite Pointe Shoes Jun 20, 2018
By Sandy BradfieldSeattle, WA US

My granddaughter, Nadia, has been dancing en pointe for a number of years & is now performing regularly at school & in competition. She was introduced to the Axi Stretch Pointe Shoes by a Bloch representative at her high school. So far, these shoes have proven to provide great support, while remaining comfortable & requiring very little break-in time. I'm very pleased that they have held up to the heavy usage as well. I also feel it's very important that dancers wear the best shoes possible to prevent injury. Due to Nadia's active performance & competition schedule, we are now ordering 4 pairs at a time. Nadia says they are now her favorite pointe shoes.

Bloch Axi Stretch Pointe Shoes