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Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard Review by jacjacgarcia

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Very useful Jan 15, 2017
By jacjacgarciaAlbany, Or US

I have to work extra hard with turns. I bought this board hoping it would help me advance. I had heard great things about it and thought I would give a Turnboard a chance. Before I bought this I could barely do a triple pirouettes but on this I can occasionally get up to six!!!! It definitely helps me with my spot which is what has always thrown me off.

When I first looked into TurnBoards I realized quickly it wasn't the cheapest thing. As I read along I also realized that the price was worth it. I gained so much confidence and technique, $35ish is a small price to pay. Itís a great value with how much it is and the durability.

I love the fact that you can choose the color you would like. The color makes it appealing for the younger dancers. Iím especially glad they had it in my favorite color, blue. The board isnít big which doesnít make it take much space. Itís convenient for travel or to keep in my dance bag.

The plastic itís made out of is very thick. Iím not worried it losing its shape anytime soon. The black foam in the center is also very thick. Iíve had the board for a long time and itís yet to wear out.

Looking at the plastic around the turn board I thought there was no end. However, when i turned it around I noticed the end was on the back. It was simple to take the tape off and lift the floppy end. The Turnboard slipped right out, and it was very simple to do.

Iíve used this thousands of times but only fell once. I would suggest to get a feel for it before trying to do three at one time. You can tell when youíre not using your center when you start leaning towards one side. That makes it important to have a clear space around, so there won't be any accidents. The shape makes it easy to just step out if I am falling.

Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard