Russian Pointe Toe Spacers - Wide

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Specially designed for prevention and treatment of bunions, these wide Toe Spacers in beautiful Russian Pointe Purple fit between the big toe and second toe to help with proper alignment and increase comfort.

Using spacers can reduce the likelihood of bunions or joint pain, help relieve existing pain and slow down bunion progression.

Russian Pointe Toe Spacers fit comfortably inside your dance shoes, and they can also be worn with street shoes to keep toes aligned and cushioned.

Russian Pointe Toe Spacers are crafted in washable, reusable silicone gel, sold as a pair and available in three sizes.


Available Sizes

The Russian Pointe Toe Spacers are available in sizes Small - Large.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hannah (Canyon Country, US)
Love them

I love these toe spacers. They are the perfect fit - nice width but not too bulky. Have been using the same pair for about 6 months and they are holding up great!

Anon (Arlington, US)
Holy Grail

From the photo you might think these are generic spacers, but genuinely these are the only ones that stay between my toes, which is why I have ordered three pairs total now. I wear them in my technique shoes as well as pointe shoes. These are the only spacers I’ve found that are truly tailored to the shape of toes. They taper in and widen out nicely at the ends rather than being just a rectangular block of silicone, and they still keep my toes far enough apart for my bunion. Highly recommend!

Natalie Brice (Sherman Oaks, US)
They crumbled into bits within a day of having them

Maybe this happened because I got them wet? If it's not a water related issue, then I have no ideas why this would have happened. I've had silicone ones before and this never happened with silicone... could it be the material? Sorry I would have attached a photo of this but I threw everything out once it happened

Jill (Spring Valley, US)
Russian Pointe Toe Spacers-Wide

I am not a dancer, but need a toe spacer for my left foot. I have been wearing the clear ones, and I decided to order this one which had a color to it so that it would be easier to find. I really like them because they are more firm than the clear toe spacers I was buying. I imagine these would work really well for dancers who need to put them in their ballet shoes (or other shoes). They do not slip around like the clear ones.