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West Point Ballet Dress Code Welcome Page

Welcome to the customized Dress Code page for West Point Ballet. Here you will find all the uniform items you'll need for all your classes.

To begin, be sure to have a copy of the full Dress Code provided by your teachers. You may also download a copy here. This will help you identify which styles of leotards are required for each class based on your current Level, and also highlight other items that you'll need.

Options for Black Camisole, Front Pinch with Princess Seams Leotard:
Suffolk Pinch Camisole Leotard (Style #2088)
Capezio Tactel Pinch Leotard (Style #TC0052C)
Mirella Pinch Seam Camisole Leotard (Style #M210LD)
Wear Moi Ulena Camisole Leotard (Style #WM189)

Options for Black Cap Sleeve, Front Pinch and/or Princess Seam Leotard:
Mirella Cap Sleeve Leotard (Style #M515)
Gaynor Minden Cap Sleeve Leotard (Style #GAM-CAP)

Option for White Cap Sleeve Leotard:
Ballet Rosa Itzel Leotard (Style #BR-ITZEL)

Options for Open Black/White/Color Leotards:
Visit here to view full collections of leotards. Please avoid over designed or inappropriate styles.

Ballet Slippers and Tights:
Pink, seamless footed tights include Capezio Style #'s 1915 and 1916.
Pink, canvas ballet slippers with elastic ribbons include Bloch Style #S0284, Capezio Style #2037, and So Danca Style #SD-16.

Advanced Division (Levels 5-7) Additional Requirements:
Black Pedini Leather Shoes (Style #PP323 - Capezio Femme Lyrical Shoes)
Black Character Skirt (Style #13774 - Eurotard Pull-On Skirt). Be sure to select length that will fall below the knee.

Children's Division (Ages 3-6):
Lilac leotard options include Mirella Style #'s M515C and M207C.
Pink footed tights include Capezio Style #'s 1915 and 1916.
Pink, leather ballet slippers include Bloch Style #'s S0205 and S0258.

White, fitted t-shirts include Body Wrappers Style #'s B400 and M400, and Eurotard Style #44100.
Black tights include Body Wrappers Style #'s B90 and M90.
Black ballet slippers include Capezio Style #2037 and So Danca Style #SD-16.

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