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Suffolk Training Aid Gift Bundle

Suffolk Training Aid Gift Bundle
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The perfect gift bundle to start building your Suffolk Training Aid collection, this package includes:

Suffolk Resistance Band - a super easy yet super effective way to improve your strength, flexibility, and stability. Through a variety of exercises, the bands can be used in a number of ways to work on different parts of your body. Some examples include standing foot stability, technique of different arm positions, and foot, ankle, and toe stretches for pointe work. The usage of these bands is nearly endless. Available in two resistance weights - Light (Grey) and Heavy (Blue), the right band is available for your particular level. Each band measures 5’ in length.

Suffolk Massage Ball - it may just look like a rubber ball, but you’ll be amazed at what you can do with it. This Suffolk Massage Ball provides deep penetration to the muscles in your arch and plantar fascia, both providing relief to soreness you may be experiencing in these areas, as well as helping to stretch, release, and strengthen them. Measures 2.5” in diameter.

Suffolk Limber Loop - a latex loop band that can be used for a variety of stretches and strengthening exercises. It is long enough to use for full split as well as Arabesque stretches, and with regular use will help improve your flexibility and technique. Measures 1.5" wide and 90" full circle. When laid flat or in use it is 45" in length (unstretched).

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