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Suffolk Sewing Kit

SKU: 1525
Suffolk Sewing Kit
Our Price:$8.00

Item Details

Contains 78 yards of waxed 100% Nylon thread that is dyed to match the satin used in Suffolk pointe shoes.
Includes two sewing needles and a self-contained stainless cutter.
The stainless cutter is built into a top that will never rust or dull, ensuring smooth cutting time after time.
The container is built with durability in mind and won't get crushed in a dance bag, etc.

Available Colors

European Pink

Suffolk Sewing Kit Reviews

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Heavy duty thread, handy packet
It's great to have the needle and thread together, easy to pack. The thread is more heavy duty than regular sewing thread, so less sewing is involved to... more...
Just what we needed!
This matches my daughters Suffolk Spotlight shoes perfectly! We were so pleased. Reasonably priced too! more...

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