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Ovation Gear Privacy Screens

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Ovation Gear Privacy Screens
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Item Details

These bright, colorful Privacy Screens from Ovation Gear give you a sense of privacy in even the busiest of dressing areas. Used in conjunction with the Ovation Gear Performance Bag, you’ll have over 5 feet from the top of the screens to the floor, creating your very own “personal dressing room”.

The Privacy Screens feature:
• Easy connection to Ovation Gear Performance Bags (will fit both Large and Medium size bags)
• Weighted bottoms ensuring the screens don’t blow around in drafty rooms
• Easy storage, simply roll them up and stow them away

Includes a set of two screens – put one up or use both depending on your needs.

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Available Sizes

The Ovation Gear Privacy Screens measure 26 x 48 inches when open. When attached to Performance Bags, the height of privacy area from the floor to the top edge of the screens is 62".

Available Colors

black Black
hot pink Hot Pink
purple Purple
turquoise Turquoise

Ovation Gear Privacy Screens Reviews

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Perfect for Modesty
As my girls have gotten older, they are more uncomfortable changing in a big room in front of everyone. These curtains have eliminated that issue. They are... more...
This was very handy! Because I could change in the dressing room and not feel so odd! They are so easy to hook to the bag! Thanks dance supplies! more...

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Previous Questions:

1. Will this product work with other brands of bags?

No, this accessory will work with Ovation Gear bags only.

Previous Questions:

2. Is it a set or do you have to buy two?

This is a set of 2 screens so you only need to order once.