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Gaynor Minden Deluxe Training Aid Gift Bundle

Gaynor Minden Deluxe Training Aid Gift Bundle
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The perfect gift bundle to add even more to your Gaynor Minden Training Aid collection, this package includes:

Gaynor Minden Foot Massage Kit - contains everything 
dancers need to stretch and relax their feet after 
a long day in pointe shoes (or any shoes, really!). The kit incorporates the innovations of sports science 
and physical therapy, but was designed 
specifically with dancers in mind. It includes the following items:
• Acupressure Ball: Gentle spikes stimulate muscles and fascia.
• Acupressure Peanut: Contoured to massage the arch of the foot.
• Therapy Ball: Firm pressure for deep tissue relaxation.
• Drawstring Bag: Bundles everything together!

Gaynor Minden Dancer's Dozen Exercise Book - training exercises for ballet, by ballet training experts! The “Dancer’s Dozen” kit by Gaynor Minden includes two exercise bands of different resistance strengths and an illustrated flip-card style instruction booklet. Devised by the physical therapists at NYC Ballet, who better to provide expert training advice to dancers? Inside you’ll find clear guidance on thirteen different dance-specific exercises to improve your strength and flexibility. Also included is a protective pouch to keep the bands and booklet together, which can be conveniently stored in your dance bag for easy usage.

Gaynor Minden Flexibility Band - a great stretching and strengthening aid for dancers, providing a safe method of resistance training. The continuous loop allows for hands-free stretching, and uses a seamless wrap technology for a smooth, comfortable surface.

Gaynor Minden Roller Kit - will help you kiss muscle tension goodbye! Dancers are increasingly integrating the tools of sports science and physical therapy into their daily warm up and recovery routines, yet much of the equipment they rely on was created for sports, not dance. The Gaynor Minden Roller Kit was designed just for dancers and contains all the essentials for targeting the muscles and fascia most in need of relief before and after a long day in the studio. This kit is lightweight, compact, and includes the tools dancers need most:
• Travel Roller: Relieves tension in the back, IT band, hips, and legs.
• Mini Roller: Targeted relief for sore and tight calves.
• Large Massage Ball: Perfect for massaging hip flexors and the psoas.
• Small Massage Ball: Gets into the intrinsic muscles of the feet.
• Micro Velvet Mat: More comfortable (and cleaner!) than the floor.
• A carrying bag with shoulder strap, making the whole kit ultra portable!

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