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Flexistretcher Beginner/Intermediate DVD

Flexistretcher Beginner/Intermediate DVD
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Originally designed for professional dancers to enhance proper stretching techniques and increase flexibility, the Flexistretcher is now used all over the world by gymnasts, cheerleaders, martial artists, yoga and Pilates enthusiasts, and regular people just looking to increase their flexibility.

This DVD contains Flexistretcher’s beginner stretching and strengthening class, a full body workout, alternating strengthening and stretching exercises to leave you feeling longer, leaner, and more toned. The Flexistretcher will add resistance to intensify your workout by challenging your body’s strength and pliability during the exercises.

This class harnesses the Flexistretcher’s unique combination of support and resistance giving you stretching/positioning assistance when you need it to ensure a safe workout.

Please Note: All stretches included in this DVD are designed to be used with the Flexistretcher.

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