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fantastic product (5/5) Jun 7, 2016 Cynthia Toth Honolulu Ha US
  Product is perfect for tender spots where your dance shoes might pinch or rub your foot. I give them a solid 5 stars and thumbs up!!!!
Perfect for Pointe! (5/5) Oct 16, 2013 Nikki Co US
  Love them! I don't use toe pads or anything else, just one of these gels under my big toe and they offer just enough padding. They don't stick for that long (at least not if you take them out and adjust them), but super/hot glue will hold them in forever. They're better than foam/wool (in my opinion) because they don't flatten out and are very durable. You can still "feel the floor" while using them because they aren't that thick. Some girls in my studio use two and cut them to fit the size of their box, which seems to work perfectly. I sometimes double them up when I'm practicing for a long time or performing, but normally just one is enough.

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