Liturgical Dancewear and Apparel from Eurotard, Main Street.
Eurotard Liturgical Catalogue

Order a free Eurotard Liturgical Catalogue! With more than 100 products displayed over 68 full-color pages, it's the ideal guide to help you find the perfect outfit for your upcoming performance.

Available in either PDF or paper formats. To receive one, just click here!

Eurotard Liturgical Catalogue
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Eurotard Glory Dress
Eurotard Glory Dress Available in:
Eurotard Handkerchief Dress
Eurotard Handkerchief Dress Available in:
Eurotard High Neck Liturgical Dress
Eurotard High Neck Liturgical Jumpsuit
Eurotard Inspiration Shrug
Eurotard Inspiration Shrug Available in:
Eurotard Liturgical Dress
Eurotard Liturgical Dress Available in:
Eurotard Metallic Angel Wing Collar
Eurotard Metallic Streamer Skirt/Top
Eurotard Peplum Tunic
Eurotard Peplum Tunic Available in:
Eurotard Polyester Angel Wing Collar
Eurotard Polyester Peplum Top
Eurotard Polyester Peplum Top Available in:
Eurotard Polyester/Metallic Overlay Dress
Eurotard Resurrection Dress
Eurotard Resurrection Dress Available in:
Eurotard Revelation Dress
Eurotard Revelation Dress Available in:
Eurotard Shawl Collar Blouse
Eurotard Shawl Collar Blouse Available in:
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