Bloch Alpha Pointe Shoes

Bloch Alpha Pointe Shoes

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The Alpha by Bloch features the revolutionary 3/4 outsole design. This shoe is aimed at the advanced student, pre-professional and professional market. The purpose of this design is to offer a shoe that allows maximum bend at the arch, without compromising support. Fully developed foot and ankle strength is advised.

The Alpha is constructed on the salt last. Salt last is similar to the y last of Synergy but has been developed for the 3/4 bending position of the Alpha. Its box has room inside for the metatarsal joints and a generous platform for maximum balance. The Alpha utilizes low noise paste.

The insole has been designed with the outsole to provide support and protect the arch tendons and muscles while minimizing underfoot bulk.

Clearance Item - all sales are final and non-returnable.

Please note this is a clearance product, and as such only limited sizes are in stock. The specific sizes available are listed in the "Please Choose Sizing Options:" dropdown menu above.

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